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Growing Web Design Galway Business with Pay Per Click (PPC)

Growing Web Design Galway Business with Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you have business in Ireland like web design Galway, and you are not already using pay per click (PPC) as part of your digital marketing strategy, then you are already falling behind other Web Designers Galway competitors in the effort to attract new users to your website and brand.

WHAT Benefits website design Galway can take from PAY PER CLICK (PPC)?

There are two ways of attracting visitors to your web design via the search engines.

1. Through organic search – where the advertiser ‘earns’ a visit to their website through the quality of their content

2. Through pay per click (PPC) – where the advertiser ‘buys’ a visit to their website, by paying the search engine every time their ad is clicked on

In search engine PPC, advertisers bid for advertising placement in the search engines sponsored links. The advertiser pays a small fee to the search engine, every time a user clicks on their advert and is sent to the company’s website.

THE BENEFITS OF PAY PER CLICK (PPC) Galway website design

It supports marketing goals and initiatives – PPC contributes to a variety of marketing objectives

Entry is quick and relatively easy – with the help of specialists you can get up and running relatively quickly. And it’s a great way to broaden your target market.

You can do it yourself but it’s a long learning process and in the effort of doing it yourself you can waste a lot of money because there are certain techniques by following which professional get good results by spending less. Learn more about PPC at

Growing Web Design Galway Business with Pay Per Click (PPC)

Results are easy to track and analyse – you can track almost any user behaviour via Google analytics, including the number of impressions, clicks and conversions. Measuring results against budget is easy.

You can check current online users, track why they visited yours site, what they were looking for, by tracking user behavior you can make many good business deskins, read more about tracking user experience with Google Analytics by clicking here.

It supports other digital marketing efforts – PPC drives traffic to your website, where users can enjoy the quality content and user experiences that you have invested in.

It is even possible to drive specific traffic as per your niche, like if you are selling dogs collars, you can ask google to send you traffic whose interest in buying dogs collars, if you specify this Google will put every effort to send you niche traffic by its AI algorithms

The advertiser has control – unlike many marketing initiatives the advertiser has full control over most issues, including who you target, what keywords are used, how much you spend and for how long you want to use PPC services.

PPC can be great for your business if you use it intelligently, web design Galway is using PPC very intelligently and getting full benefit from PPC by converting visitors to customer and you can also use their services as they are offering PPC services along with web designing, there are many schools who can learn PPC.

WHY SHOULD I USE Web Designers Galway for PPC?

Advertisers who create relevant and targeted PPC campaigns are rewarded by search engines in the form of lower ‘cost per click’. Developing such a campaign takes specialist skills and this is where the experts earn their keep.

There is a lot involved in developing a successful PPC campaign.

For example, Google ads management is a full-time business. It involves researching and identifying the right keywords, organising them into logical groups and then developing organised campaigns. It also includes designing landing pages that are optimized for keyword search and conversion.

Heady stuff, for the experts only.

If you do it properly however, then your ROI (Return on Investment) will be maximised as you pay less advertising costs and earn more of a profit.

Good Work Institute

Good Work Institute


Founded in mid-2015, The Good Work Institute runs educational programs and enterprise support services that assist local community members and their organizations as they turn their aspirations for a better tomorrow into specific actions taken on behalf of the people and places of the Hudson Valley. Dawn Breeze was honored to participate as a fellow in Fellowship Two. In Fellowship Four, she was invited to lead facilitate and coach the Hudson, New York cohort.

“Dawn is thoughtful and thorough – a truly dedicated and talented facilitator. Anyone given the chance to work with her will find it a life deepening and enhancing experience. She is a true social artist, one-of-a-kind, generous human being who elevates everything she touches.” –Erica Dorn, Managing Director of the Good Work Institute

“Dawn’s activities always created tender moments for me to feel the power of community and count my blessings. The integrity cards activity made me honor my heroes and allowed me to count myself among them. What an incredible experience in valuing your self-worth…Dawn’s activities were like magic tricks.learn more about Good Work institute programs at

You would start by doing something really approachable and simple and then be led through an experience that revealed the deep unconscious motives of your heart. In the end I was always blown away by how transformative the activity had been. It was a wonderful lesson in trusting the process that kept me believing through the whole fellowship.” —Maria Vigna Manager Earth Designs Cooperative


Using principles from the Creativity + Courage™ curriculum, Breeze developed and facilitated custom workshops for Etsy’s senior management teams. These experiential workshops aimed to help teams develop:

  • Communication Skills, learn more about learning communication skills by clicking here.
  • Team Building
  • Courage + Kindness
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Enlarged Perspectives

“What’s so incredible is that despite having experienced her workshops so many times, I’m still learning and finding value. I’ve witnessed remarkable results and breakthroughs in people who are going through Dawn’s course together: deep connection with one another, a shift from overthinking to more intuitive decision making, an ability to think in deeply creative ways and see new solutions. I cannot overstate how valuable her work is, and how much Dawn has impacted the work that my team is doing at Etsy.” —Heather Jassy, SVP Etsy

good books

Good Directions

Get Lost.

This is the first direction from the book of Good Directions I recently created. It is a hybrid book, which explores the importance of being lost in order to find authenticity. It is translated from my curriculum, Creativity + Courage™.  A curriculum taught in rehabs, corporations, elementary schools, and other institutions.

The work I create is interdisciplinary, often public, and generally understood as experiential learning. It is driven by love. I believe it is the beauty we love that we must do.  My public practice is seeded in my personal practice of poetry and solitude with nature. I sit in a nest with John Dewey, Joseph Beuys and Yoko Ono. read more about John Dewery at

good books

My work integrates individual and group contributions as creative research, to widen perspectives on societal concepts such as: self-worth or belonging. My work creates opportunity for liberation of self and the public.

When I say art, I mean creativity. When I say artist, I mean human. When I say work, I mean the things we do and make. When I say I create opportunity for liberation, what I mean is my work is about exploring potential by engaging with creativity, and courage.

Mapping Purpose Exercise

Mapping Purpose Exercise


Creativity + Courage™ is a creative experiential communication program and curriculum that emphasizes authentic self-expression and generous self-compassion and strengthens individuals’ abilities to feel empathy. Creativity + Courage™ inspires self-discovery and produces life-changing insights through unique artistic exercises. Breeze developed this curriculum in 2011 and has since integrated it into multiple professional applications, with a wide variety of audiences and collaborating institutions.

“This is a wonderful workshop, there were many ways to access our own knowing. I left feeling stronger and internally balanced.”— Alison Fox, Artist, Educator. learn more about Alison Fox at

“These workshops have given me a chance to participate both in the joy of creating and in having a shared experience with others who brought energy and joy to the experience. It has been all good!” —Michael Colberg-Psychotherapist

Mapping Purpose Exercise


Place Corps is a yearlong experiential-learning program based on a 900-acre biodynamic farm in the Hudson Valley of New York State. It supports 18- to 25-year-olds to cultivate a calling to know, love, and serve their places.

Over the course of a year, participants self-design accredited study plans; engage with accomplished practitioners working at the forefront of social, ecological, and economic regeneration; and develop the skills and wisdom needed to live and work in ways that make their lives, their communities, and the Earth truly thrive.

Place Corps is a shared initiative of Hawthorne Valley Association and Good Work Institute. Breeze is a co-founder, developing the program and designing the curriculum.

Place Corps launches in 2019. Breeze will assume the role of Program Director and Lead Educator.




“Throwing Seeds” was an intensive thematic-arts workshop series Dawn Breeze created as the founding art director at Liberi School for children grades Kindergarten to eighth in 2015. The series provided an opportunity to experience a sense of personal value made possible by individual contributions in various creative languages to a collective cause or project. “Throwing Seeds” broadened the definition of art and of the artist, recognizing art as creative action in service to positive change. The collaborative creative learning built pride and community while modeling a possible future of liberation.learn more about it at

“Dawn was able to adjust her approaches to the children’s developmental stage with excellent results. The children look forward to art class each week. The curriculum meets each child individually and allows each to explore his/her own idiosyncratic aesthetic, self-expression, and artistic journey. Dawn’s class engages children in art as another human language—just as The Liberi School engages children in the languages of literacy, math, science, cultural history, music, dance, and theater as means to humanistic liberation through a multi-layered understanding of humanity and mastery of diverse skills.” —Jennifer Strodl, Founder of The Liberi School



In 2011 Breeze created a unique weekly arts program for multi-aged residents of Highwatch Recovery Center, a dual diagnosis treatment center in Kent, Connecticut. Breeze facilitated her program from 2011 to 2018, leading more than 2,000 individuals in a creative practice of self-realization, resilience building, authentic expression, renewal, and re-orientation to personal purpose. Breeze’s program used the Creativity + Courage™ curriculum and methodology as a base and tailored the workshops to meet the needs of people in recovery.

“I learned that art, and the process of making mistakes and being ok with that is good. The exercises in the workshop fit in good with our treatment. I loved the chance to get my hands dirty and play, and learn, and see, and think in more than one way—I only wished for more!” — Steve R.