Month: February 2019

good books

Good Directions

Get Lost.

This is the first direction from the book of Good Directions I recently created. It is a hybrid book, which explores the importance of being lost in order to find authenticity. It is translated from my curriculum, Creativity + Courage™.  A curriculum taught in rehabs, corporations, elementary schools, and other institutions.

The work I create is interdisciplinary, often public, and generally understood as experiential learning. It is driven by love. I believe it is the beauty we love that we must do.  My public practice is seeded in my personal practice of poetry and solitude with nature. I sit in a nest with John Dewey, Joseph Beuys and Yoko Ono. read more about John Dewery at

good books

My work integrates individual and group contributions as creative research, to widen perspectives on societal concepts such as: self-worth or belonging. My work creates opportunity for liberation of self and the public.

When I say art, I mean creativity. When I say artist, I mean human. When I say work, I mean the things we do and make. When I say I create opportunity for liberation, what I mean is my work is about exploring potential by engaging with creativity, and courage.