Month: June 2018

Mapping Purpose Exercise

Mapping Purpose Exercise


Creativity + Courage™ is a creative experiential communication program and curriculum that emphasizes authentic self-expression and generous self-compassion and strengthens individuals’ abilities to feel empathy. Creativity + Courage™ inspires self-discovery and produces life-changing insights through unique artistic exercises. Breeze developed this curriculum in 2011 and has since integrated it into multiple professional applications, with a wide variety of audiences and collaborating institutions.

“This is a wonderful workshop, there were many ways to access our own knowing. I left feeling stronger and internally balanced.”— Alison Fox, Artist, Educator. learn more about Alison Fox at

“These workshops have given me a chance to participate both in the joy of creating and in having a shared experience with others who brought energy and joy to the experience. It has been all good!” —Michael Colberg-Psychotherapist

Mapping Purpose Exercise


Place Corps is a yearlong experiential-learning program based on a 900-acre biodynamic farm in the Hudson Valley of New York State. It supports 18- to 25-year-olds to cultivate a calling to know, love, and serve their places.

Over the course of a year, participants self-design accredited study plans; engage with accomplished practitioners working at the forefront of social, ecological, and economic regeneration; and develop the skills and wisdom needed to live and work in ways that make their lives, their communities, and the Earth truly thrive.

Place Corps is a shared initiative of Hawthorne Valley Association and Good Work Institute. Breeze is a co-founder, developing the program and designing the curriculum.

Place Corps launches in 2019. Breeze will assume the role of Program Director and Lead Educator.